Optimization of the temperature field and genetic algorithms

Roman Knobloch
Pondělí 4. ledna 2016, 14:20 hodin
Místnost G4-MAT, 4. patro budovy G, kampus Husova (Univerzitní nám. 1410/1)
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The temperature influences in some way most of the physical phenomena and technological procedures. To generate and keep a relatively uniform temperature field is a necessary prerequisite for many scientific and technological applications. That is why it is necessary to control the temperature and its distribution in a space or in a body of interest.

The current contribution will be focused primarily on the following topics:

  1. Mathematical model of the heat transfer — conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer mechanisms
  2. Nonlinear boundary conditions — radiation and convection
  3. Homogeneous temperature field assumptions
  4. Optimization of the infrared heaters positioning
  5. Space of possible solutions and possible optimization procedures
  6. Differential algorithms principles
  7. ANSYS and temperature calculations