Possibilities to connect arithmetic and geometry — Chance to realize child-centered math-lessons

Klaus-Peter Eichler (Pädagogische Hochschule, Schwäbisch Gmünd, web)
Pondělí 23. října 2017, 14:20 hodin
Kabinet didaktiky matematiky (G4-MAT), 4. patro budovy G, kampus Husova (Univerzitní nám. 1410/1), v případě potřeby učebna G306, 3. patro 
Vhodné pro studenty učitelství matematiky a učitele z praxe

KP Eichler 23-10-2017 

Podrobnější informace v pozvánce v [PDF].


Geometric activities are motivating, contribute to the exploration of the environment and at the same time help to secure essential general learning pre-conditions. The productive connection of arithmetic and geometry has a significant influence on the long-term success of mathematics lessons: Geometric activities can be the starting point and occasion for arithmetic considerations. On the other hand, arithmetic questions can be illustrated geometrically and thus better understood. In the lesson and in the workshop too, the participants will discover a lot of original geometrical activities and the possibilities to combine them with arithmetic questions.

The participants can explore how practical geometrical actions can be combined with children's mental activities.