Everything is number. Don’t Preach Facts — Stimulate Acts

Posted in Semináře z didaktiky matematiky / Seminars on didactics of mathematics

Carsten Miller (Universität Bayreuth, Lehrstuhl für Mathematik und ihre Didaktik, web)
Pondělí 21. května 2018, 14:20 hodin
Místnost G305, 3. patro budovy G, kampus Husova (Univerzitní nám. 1410/1)


[Pozvánka v PDF]


Leitmotifs do not only make sense in music, they make sense in education as well. The American mathematician Paul Halmos (1906–2006) has phrased an educational leitmotif: “Don’t preach facts – stimulate acts.” That means: The teacher is not an entertainer, the student is not only a consumer. “Stimulating acts” means to encourage students to develop their own (informal) methods for doing mathematics. We ask them to explore, to observe, to discover, to assume, to explain, to prove. Therefor our Maths and art project “Everything is Number” goes digital. The artist Eugen Jost has created his new pictures with the help of a drawing software and we use special software to make them dynamic. Our goal always remains the same: To stimulate interest in mathematics, to offer students an active approach to mathematics and to improve mathematics education.