Spatial ability in mathematics education

Posted in Odborný seminář KO-MIX / KO-MIX — Seminar on mathematics

Melih Turgut (Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi, Turecko)
Pondělí 16. září 2013, 9:00 hodin
Didaktický kabinet KMD (4. patro budovy H areálu TUL, Voroněžská 1329/13, Liberec 1, č. dv. 5027)
[Pozvánka v PDF]


The aim of the lecture is to give further information about definitions of spatial thinking, concepts of spatial visualization, mental rotation, spatial orientation and importance of spatial thinking in mathematics education; factors of spatial ability (gender, math performance, academic achievement), measurement of spatial skills (Purdue Spatial Visualization Test, Card Rotation Test; Surface Development Test; Santa Barbara Solids Test; Paper Folding Test), development of spatial thinking; reviewing international literature about spatial thinking and spatial thinking in curriculums and math textbooks.

This lecture will also provide students’ principal relationships among spatial thinking, mathematics and geometry education and problem solving. Besides, another aim of the course is to review process of development of spatial thinking (concrete models, use of technology, its design and frameworks of training) and related factors of students. Besides, application examples by the aid of technology (Elica 3D, SketchUp) will be provided.

This lecture may be important for mathematics educators because it will make a major contribution to field of mathematics as well as geometry education.